Creative Technology Corp

Creative Technology Corp
1280 Seabury Cir   •   Carol Stream, IL 60188
Phone (847) 910-1258

Industrial Photography, Videography, Web Sites, Brochures

Creative Technology Corp. provides complete photo, video, web sites, brochures, and marketing services for die/mold manufacturers and industry. 40 years of technical experience in this specialized marketplace helps us quickly focus on your specialties. We have the depth to make your company stand out through innovative multimedia.

Business is competitive...      
...Creative stacks your odds!

  • Photography

    plastic mold core and cavity

    Show off your best work with professional photography by Creative Technology Corp.

    beryllium copper core with H13 steel cavity

    Wash machine tub bottom mold

  • Corporate Video

    virtual tours and sales videos

    Introduce your staff and capabilities in your own way - better than a tour, because you can show and tell a consistent story.

    introduce your staff

    Convey your culture

  • Web Sites

    design and hosting

    We know manufacturing and can help your company stand out from the competition.

    Tell business why they need you

    Everyone's looking!

  • Brochures & Sales Sheets

    Leave a reminder

    Brochures are a great enclosure with quotes, but are also a valuable sales tool for trade shows and sales visits.

    A quality brochure is a great reflection on you

    Show your pride

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