Is It Time to Update, Upgrade or Replace Your Website?

I Have a Website, therefore I am CartoonYou Gotta Have a Website

The days of asking if you need a website are long gone. Every business today in our industry (well, almost every business) has a website.

It’s the cornerstone of your marketing message. The first thing a prospective customer does is Google your company name and check out your website.

Surprisingly, almost 80% of all business-to-business purchasing decisions have been made before the prospect has called your companyYou need to ask yourself:

Is Your Website a Lead-Generating Corporate Growth Machine or a Company Brochure?

If your website is three years old or older, it is time to address the following points:

1. Keyword Research

Have you done the keyword research?

For instance, have you Googled the keyword “mold”?

If you have, you’ll notice that mold is a fungus and an indoor allergen. Luckily, if you use the word “mold” frequently on your website, you’ll have little chance of outranking the government consumer health agencies.

Unfortunately, unless you use the keywords, “plastic injection mold maker,” you’ll probably never rank on the first page of Google.

Likewise, if "EDM" is the first word in your website’s meta description, you’ll be confused with Electronic Dance Music -- the result of a misguided search engine.

If search engines cannot find you, then your prospects will never get a chance to see what a wonderful company you have.

2. Your Company Message

Think Quickly - You only have 12 seconds

What do you do?

Research tells us that most people will abandon your website if they cannot tell what you do within 12 seconds or less.

“We bring plastics to life!” doesn’t cut it.

“Design, Build, Test and Deliver” doesn’t cut it.

“State-of-the-Art Solutions” doesn’t cut it.

“Applying the Innovation Thinking of Tomorrow Today” doesn’t cut it.

“Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing for the Automotive Industry” gets it.

“Prototype Silicon Molds for the Medical Industry” gets it.

“Large, Multi-Cavity, High-Volume Plastic Injection Molds for Consumer Goods Manufacturers around the World” gets it.

It is critical that you tell your prospective customer what you do and who you do it for within 12 seconds or less.

About Us

The “About Us” page is usually the most highly trafficked page after the home page. People still buy from people, and a prospective customer wants to know who you are.

Do you have a clear, concise message about the history of your company?

Do you have updated biographies of key personnel, complete with portraits?

Does your company have any personality?

Like people, companies have personality. Let your company’s personality shine through your website.

Show that honest and trustworthy people stand behind your company.

3. Some Technical Issues

The technical issues of a website are some of the more important aspects of an effective web presence.

Mobile Responsive

No, mobile-responsive doesn’t mean you can view a website while driving.

A mobile responsive website, from a technical perspective, detects the device on which the website is being viewed and adjusts the elements of the website to fit the screen.

You can test your website for mobile responsiveness by copying its website’s URL onto Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Site:

Click Here to Check Your Website



There are two reasons a website needs to be responsive.

The first is Google ranking. In April of 2015 Google Search expanded its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. In other words, if your site isn’t mobile responsive, it will rank lower on a search from a mobile device.

The second reason for a mobile-responsive design is that more Google searches are conducted on mobile devices than on desktop computers.

If you’re not able to reach your audience through mobile search, you will miss out to competitors who are.

4. Website Design Trends

Websites can look old and dated. In the past, we focused on everything that could fit on the home page screen. Menus were simple and search was rudimentary.

In the past, users hated to scroll. Today they expect it. Social media sites have created the infinite scrolling screen - a bottomless website.

In the past, pictures were limited because they took too long to download. Today images are everywhere.

In the past, text was everything. Today white space enhances readability.

You pride yourself in having the latest manufacturing technology. Shouldn’t your website reflect the investment you have made in your company?

Is Your Website Out of Gas?

A study at Stanford University implied that 75% of prospective customers will judge the quality of your company based entirely on your website.

Give us a call today. The first five companies that respond to this email will receive a free website review (a $500 value). We’ll tell you if you need to update, upgrade, or replace your current website.

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