Additional Marketing Services

Marketing is much more than a website or a few posts on social media. Marketing your company can be as simple or complex as you make it to be. Your results will depend on the effort you put in and the quality of the content you use. Your effectiveness relies largely on creating a deliberate, organized, and consistent message, telling about all you have to offer and what you do better than anyone else. There are many steps to having effective marketing, and our goal is to help you check all the boxes.

We can help you stand out from the crowd with an inviting site and strong messaging to clearly tell all you have to offer. We go beyond that to offer our clients a full range of services relating to your marketing.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are all social platforms that can help build your brand by continuously messaging your audience about what you do and all you have to offer. Knowing what to post, when to post, how many times to post, and what hashtags to use are all areas we can help maximize your message to a wider audience. Having a presence online is essential today. If you don’t create one sooner rather than later you’re only falling farther behind. Social Media is embedded in our everyday lives and can easily be accessed via the super computers in our pockets. Anyone can search up you or your company online and create their own impression of you, so why not make it a good one?

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is an overview and collection of data that is then used to draw better conclusions, make predictions, and spot patterns. Analytics can help you and us make your website and other marketing efforts more effective. Knowing how many people are viewing your website, liking your posts, or what times you get the best engagement are all tools to maximize your marketing. Use analytics to optimize your performance while satisfying your customers.

Strategic Planning

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Great results rely on working from a strong foundation and framework. Planning ahead can help maximize your marketing effectiveness and make the most of your marketing budget. Understanding your business across the board and in great detail while planning accordingly is the key to success.

Market Research

We can help you discover what your prospects want most, to build a stronger client base. Understanding who is viewing your site or liking your posts is a competitive advantage over your competitors. Understand your customers needs and preferences better. Leverage your skills and core competencies to reach new heights.

Print Materials

Catalogs and brochures can be an important part of your marketing, to provide leave-behind materials for sales calls, and take-aways for trade shows and conferences. Choosing the right wording or photography, how to lay it out, what colors to use, etc are all challenges when it comes to designing something. Let us work with you and bring all your creative ideas to life.

Trade Shows and Conferences

We can help you maximize your messaging at trade shows and conferences, with booth design, video production, photo capture, event planning and more. The investment you make to show at an event doesn’t necessarily get you the deals, but having someone’s impression of your booth and imagery can make the difference between an eye-catching booth and one you might just saunter past. Make the most of your special networking opportunities with great planning and imagery!

Public Relations

Trade publications aren't just a place for your advertisements. They are also hungry for interesting stories about industry leaders, people, and companies on the move. We can help you capture what's unique about your company and build a story around it. Leverage the trade associations and publications to build a stronger industry presence and brand awareness.

Business Coaching

With more than 50 years' combined experience in manufacturing, we have seen a lot. Let us be your alternate perspective with fresh insights to grow your business.

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