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Advertising - People Love to Buy; They Hate to be Sold.

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The Advertising Dilemma

So I have this great product. Millions will love it. It solves some of life's biggest issues. 

But no one knows about it.

No one will buy it if they don't know about it.

We'll have to advertise.

I hate advertising.

Advertising Today - This is not your father's Oldsmobile 

The days of Donald Draper's Mad Men are long gone. For years businesses have been using advertising to promote their services and attract new customers. Brochures, leaflets, spec sheets, trade publications, radio, and television (for those who could afford it) were used to advertise. 

Those companies whose advertising budgets were large enough could outspend smaller companies and build their brand almost unimpeded. 

When Miller Brewing was planning the introduction of Lite beer, they realized the marketing budget of  the #1 selling beer–Budweiser–for New York City was larger than their entire company revenues. So Miller introduced Lite beer in smaller secondary markets.

Within a few years, Lite become the second-largest-selling beer in America. The success of Miller's Lite beer is legendary.

The widespread adaptation of the internet has changed all of this. 

The Yin and the Yang (Dark and Light) of the Internet

Yin Yang The average American experiences over 3,000 brand images every day, over a million brand messages a year. It takes lot of money to stand out in a crowd when you are competing with McDonalds, AT&T, and General Motors. Consumers have learned to tune-out almost all advertising. 

The advertising of the recent past was interruptive. Interruptive meaning the ad interrupted your television show, magazine article, or radio station.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that it is easier and less expensive than ever before to reach your target audience. With the continued refinement of Big Data, your target market can be reached easily and inexpensively.

What Is Big Data?

Big Data is extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.

Additionally, since most of us have tuned out commercial messages that are not appropriate for us, it is easier than ever for smaller companies to compete with the big boys. However, the big distinction is we can no longer be interruptive. We have to be attractive.

Attractive Advertising – Seriously?

A good website All successful advertising is ultimately attractive because it causes you to pay attention to it.  So what is different?

The internet is different. Today in the Americas:

• 89% of the population is on the internet

• 67% of those users are on Facebook

• 80% of Facebook users are on Facebook every day.

And being on the internet is free for users and inexpensive for most companies.

 It's not about how you look on the internet...

It's about what you say.

84.3% of today's business-to-business buyers know what they want to buy before they ever contact your company. With the internet, a prospective client can research their purchase without ever leaving their office.

You have to be attractive.

Attractive first for Google.

Then attractive for your audience.

You Can't Fool GoogleA good Website is about Google

Google delivers search results based upon how closely your website's content matches their users' search criteria. If your website and social media presence outperforms your competitors because of your content, your company appears on the first page of a Google search.

Simple, huh?

Of course, there are a variety of other criteria that come into play to ranking for SEO, but the bottom line is: don't try to fool the search engines with tricks you read about on the internet. Simply tell your story in an honest and straightforward language.

Customers have a lot more access to information than ever before.

 Little Trails of Awesomeness

The smart advertiser realizes that in today's market it takes a consistent message that informs, educates and entertains to create an effective engagement with your audience. Building a consistent message over time is the strategy that has customers calling you - like a trail of awesome breadcrumbs.

Roll It into a Campaign

Just like a single sales call is a waste of time, a single advertisement is a waste of money. It is important to have the expertise of Creative Technology at your side to guide you through the maze of today's advertising options.

We can help you with:

  • Brochures
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