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This short video shows a few quick takes of manufacturing processes to see how video can pop for you.
See more video examples below.

Creative Technology is the video authority for manufacturing and industry. Creative Technology has produced industrial video for over 20 years. Our team combines special expertise in manufacturing with live and recorded rock and roll experience, resulting in quality messaging with high levels of creativity, impact, and excitement.

Video is the most important part of your successful marketing plan today. YouTube is second only to Google for internet traffic. No matter where your prospective customer is located, video can instantly transport them to your facility on your best day, when the place is clean and organized, and everyone is prepared for an in-depth tour. Quality video can make a compelling case for all you have to offer.

The Magic of Video

8Q7A1157 nypro 0164Videotaping with MoldMaking Technology Magazine editor Christina Fuges on-site at a large east-coast plastic molder

We all love to watch video. The big draw to video is it's ability to convey more information in less time by combining images, lots of images, and sound. We can sit back and quickly make a virtual visit to your company and meet your people. In just a few minutes we can learn about your history, products, and your competitive advantages.

Touring your company by video, we can take a well-prepared trip through the company in an organized manner, something not always so easy to accomplish during daily operations and the endless tweaks and improvements in most companies. We can gather your team in a short video, even though some of them might actually work on the road or in remote locations.

Another great benefit to video is the subtle nuances to what you show. Your people can tell about the company, providing a more personal message, or we can have a professional voice talent speak about your company as a third-party expert. We can add calming or stimulating background music to intensify the message.

IMG 4551 GEAviation 785On-site video interview with Modern Machine Shop editor Pete Zelinski at GE Aviation

Video Round the Clock

Video can deliver your story 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Video is there, online, ready to be viewed by your prospects around the world. By taking  your story to the prospect, you stack your odds by helping them learn about your company from the comfort of their own desk.

Creative Technology combines the experience and creativity with the right tools to help you tell your story with video. Contact us to get started.

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Video virtual tour of Ultra Polishing, Schaumburg, IL

Created for students, educators, and career counselors, "Your Road To Success" provides an overview of the variety of opportunities in injection mold manufacturers

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