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Unscrewing a component with drill

Industry Education Advocacy

Cardinal Manufacturing

Since Creative Technology first heard of the award-winning Cardinal Manufacturing program at Eleva-Strum High School in Strum, Wisconsin, we have worked to promote awareness of this innovative program. You can learn more about the program through their website, photos, videos, and even learn how to create a similar program in your local high school.

Over the years, Cardinal Manufacturing has grown from one teacher's idea to an exemplary program that is revolutionizing manufacturing education. Cardinal Manufacturing is a company within a school, where students learn about manufacturing and gain firsthand experience.

Creative continues to partner with the Cardinal program in their marketing and industry growth.

Cardinal Manufacturing teacher and student working on welding

North Carolina TAP

NCTAP is an apprenticeship program designed to develop experts needed in the modern workforce. The program, based in North Carolina’s Triangle area, focuses on integrated basic training which develops technical, methodological, and social skills. The core training program utilizes a hands-on approach to develop skills across a wide range of disciplines.

Starting in the 11th grade of high school, this 4-year program is divided into modules, with classes leading to an Associate’s Degree (AAS) in Mechanical Engineering Technology or Automotive Systems Technology at Wake Tech Community College or Mechatronics Engineering Technology at Vance Granville Community College and paid, on-the-job training at participating Triangle employers.

Creative continues to partner with the NC TAP in their marketing and industry growth.

NC Tap student performing task

Manufacturing SOS

Manufacturing SOS Alliance is an emerging organization that has started in Chippewa Valley Wisconsin. MFG SOS is dedicated to fundamentally changing technical education as we know it.


The emphasis is educating current and future high school technical education teachers. By further educating these teachers they can then take back to their classrooms and teach students. Knowledge of manufacturing processes, ready to use curriculum, and equipment to equip their facilities will be the catalyst to change a system that has been failing for a very long in our industry. The ultimate goal of MFG SOS is to expose and educate the next generation that will be the foundation for closing the skills gap.

Creative continues to partner with MFG SOS in their marketing and industry growth.

MFG SOS - an organization that sources tech ed teachers

American Mold

Builders Association

AMBA - The American Mold Builders Association focuses on best practices and leadership, serving mold manufacturing companies making plastic injection molds, blow molds, thermoform molds, metal injection molds, die casting dies and more. Creative Technology provides event photography at various AMBA events including leadership conferences and plant tour workshops, and has produced various industry-related videos with sponsorship from the AMBA.

Gardner Business Media, Inc.

Gardner Business Media is the premier publisher for manufacturing in North America, publishing numerous industry trade publications including Modern Machine Shop, MoldMaking Technology, Production Machining, Plastics Technology, Additive Manufacturing, Composites World, Automotive Design & Production,  and other magazines. Creative Technology Corp has contributed numerous technical articles and videos on diverse topics including tooling and machining techniques, automation, metrology and more.

Technology and Manufacturing Association

TMA - The Technology and Manufacturing Association combines over 1,000 Illinois precision manufacturing and supplier members committed to recognizing manufacturers as value-added producers of goods and services, and creators of high-quality jobs for Illinois citizens. Creative Technology has participated with the TMA as an event photographer, participating on the Marketing Committee, and producing the video "Changing Tomorrow" for the Education Committee.

Additional Partners

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Manufactures Association for Plastic Providers

MAPP - The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors works to improve the performance of plastic molders across America through benchmarking assessments and reports, leadership training, and networking. Creative Technology has provided event photography and videography at various MAPP events.

Society of Plastics Engineers

SPE - The Society of Plastics Engineers works to promote scientific and engineering knowledge relating to plastics, providing technical information, training, networking, and knowledge sharing. Creative Technology has produced videos including "Mold Making: Your Road to Success" with sponsorship from SPE.

Association for Manufacturing Technology

AMT - The Association for Manufacturing Technology represents and promotes U.S.-based manufacturing technology and its members who design, build, sell, and service the technology at the heart of manufacturing. Creative Technology Corp has produced various career videos with sponsorship and collaboration by AMT.

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