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Freshly polished parts from Ultra Polishing

Meet The Creative Team

Innovators. Strategists. Creatives.

Jimmy Renallo

Creative Technology President Jimmy Renallo


Jimmy has a degree and background in Marketing and Sales that is paired with a passion for American manufacturing. With over 10+ years of media experience in Photography, Videography and Drone work, his goal is to make your business stand out against the crowd. His knowledge of leveraging social media and digital marketing makes him an asset to anyone looking to grow their online presence. Motivated to help American Manufacturers succeed, Jimmy strives to work with anyone looking to take their business to the next level. 

Todd Schuett

Vice-President, Founder

Todd has worked in the industry since 1974, first running lathes, mills, and grinders, then selling high-performance CNCs and computer applications. As an avid industry educator and author, he is also an enthusiastic advocate for American manufacturing. Todd’s main focus is marketing and web development, as well as consulting with our customers. His continued support and passion for American Manufacturing has been evident for over 40+ years. 

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