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Professional Web Design

Your website is the best way to show and tell the world what you do 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is the #1 place everyone goes to learn about your company. We utilize on-site visits for content creation, to help us best highlight your company culture and strengths. We help you identify  and target your niche and focus your media on that.

At Creative Technology, we are experts in website design and creation for manufacturers. Years of experience serving only manufacturers means we know the industry terminology to help you convey your information clearly and effectively. We can quickly show the viewer who you are, what you do, and how you're different than the rest. 


In today's digital age you need a website that works for you across all platforms and mediums that allows your business to appear to those searching for it. 

Matrix Plastic Products website landing page

Eden Tool Company

Eden Tool started in a garage. We provided his first website, built his industry presence, and have partnered with him the whole way. Long before internet video was a thing, Mike's site showed how special their hard milling capabilities were. In 2019, Eden Mfg was born to branch into very specialized molding. Today, these family businesses employ a total of about 20 people in tiny New Freedom, Pennsylvania. Mike passed on with Covid a couple years ago, but the legacy continues to grow through his son Jake and his partner Dave. 

Superior Tooling

Superior Tooling in Wake Forest, North Carolina, was referred to us by a mutual friend, saying his website developer just "didn't get" manufacturing. Starting with a small budget, we steadily worked together over the years to develop a site that shows and tells all that Superior Tooling has to offer. Consistent investment in website marketing over the years has built a great looking site that is the center of Superior Tooling's sales and marketing efforts. Superior serves as a great example that if you constantly invest in your website what you can build overtime.

A1 Tool Solutions

A1 Tool Solutions was founded in 2022 in Milwaukee, WI. A1 Solutions was formed to support the manufacturing industry through mold repair and offer additional services such as custom components and precision machining. This is a sister company of A1 Tool Corporation based in Melrose park, IL

Website Examples

Eden Tool Company Logo
Superior Tool Company Logo
A1 Tool Solutions Company Logo

United Tool & Mold

Mold support and repair is this impressive company's forte. Known around the world for their unique approach to supporting a wide range of molds and clientele. Two locations service a majority of the southeast in their mold repair needs. 

Matrix Plastic Products

Over the years, Matrix transitioned from mold manufacturing to primarily plastic injection molding. This great family business employs about 35 people and continues to grow rapidly, making the molds and parts for a wide variety of industries including our daily hygiene and healthcare. Matrix continues to invest and update their website to remain relevant and up to date.  

Mold Tech Inc.

Since 1978, Mold-Tech, Inc. has served the injection molding industry. Their state-of-the-art facility employs an experienced and dedicated staff that is focused on providing a quality product and superior customer service.

United Tool and Mold Company Logo
Matrix Plastic Products Company Logo
Mold Tech Company Logo
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